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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Vendor Volumes 

  • Vendors can be segregated by Active or Inactive status, or view ALL Vendors
  • Trending information is displayed in Week-over-Week, and Month-over-Month line charts

Data can be filtered using any combinations of the following items:

  1. Category
  2. Vendor
  3. Year
  4. Container Type
  5. Origin Port
  6. Destination Port

* Notes:

  1. Selecting item values in any filter will also limit the associated values in other filters.
  2. See details of the underlying data associated with each graph label by marking data point(s) in question, then clicking the "Show/Hide Details" button in the page header. Marked data may be easily reset by clicking the "Clear Markings" button in the same location.
  3. Export filtered data in PDF or spreadsheet format.
  4. Export visualizations in PDF or Powerpoint format.

* Using the Report: Click Sequences

  1. Click the "Filters" button (located in the top LH corner of the page header) to display available data filters, then select appropriate items within each filter, as needed. After selections are made, close the filter panel by clicking "X" (filter selections will remain set after filter panel is closed). The data which will appear in the RH panel of the report (displayed after completing the following steps) will be limited by your filter selections.
  2. Click the "Vendor Status" dropdown button in the page header to switch the view between Active Vendors, Inactive Vendors, or ALL Vendors, as needed.
  3. Click the "Year" dropdown button in the page header to switch the view to "Vendor", as needed.
    • "Year" selected: Displayed in the RH panel are the Total Containers per Year for the Vendor-status type selected.
    • "Vendor" selected: Displayed in the RH panel are the Total Containers per Vendor for the Vendor-status type selected. Remember! The container counts displayed in the RH panel are totals based on the "Year(s)" specified in your filter selection. 
  4. Next, mark the appropriate container count(s) now displayed in the chart, and click the "Trend Analysis" button (located in the page header). You then see a new screen displaying trend information for the data marked on the previous screen. Trending information for both graphs is measured using the Actual Pickup Date.
  5. You can now mark items on either graph, and click the "Show/Hide Details" button to view the underlying data. Remember! You always have the option to view detail data for the items initially marked in the first screen before you selected the "Trend Analysis" button, too.
  6. Export filtered data and/or visualizations, as needed.