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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Marking Your Data 


 * To mark a single item:

Click on the item.

The marked item is given a different color or the other items are faded out. Related visualizations are also updated so that items where the marked item is included are set to the marked color. 
Note: Marking a pie or a bar is equivalent to marking all the rows that are included in that pie or bar.

To mark one or more items in a visualization (Lasso & Axis methods):

Click and drag with the mouse to draw a rectangle enclosing the interesting items.

If you want to mark several items that are spread out in the visualization so that they cannot be enclosed by a rectangular shape, you can use "Lasso" marking method, instead. Press and hold down the Alt key and draw a shape of any form to enclose the items of interest.
Note: Lasso marking cannot be applied to table visualizations.
To mark one or more items in visualizations with axes using the "Axis" marking method, place the mouse pointer in the area of the scale labels and then click and drag with the mouse along the axis. A rectangle is drawn across the visualization so that you can mark all values between two specified axis values.
Note: Marking along the value axis in the bar chart is slightly different than normal rectangle marking; Only those bars with the top part of the bar included within the axis-marking rectangle will be marked. This allows you to select bars with heights within a specific span.

* To add more items to the marked set:

Press and hold Ctrl.

Click on items you want to add, one by one. Alternatively, click and drag with the mouse around several items (while still pressing Ctrl).
Note: To add more items using the Lasso marking method, press and hold both Ctrl and Alt when you draw a shape to enclose the items you want to add to the marked set.  

* Unmarking:

Unmark everything by clicking on an empty area in the visualization.

Note: As an alternative, you can unmark all data by selecting Edit > Marked Rows > Unmark.